Commercial Trash Compactors in New Jersey

Our compactors are unique and customizable for our NJ customers who generate large quantities of waste and recyclable materials.

Trash Compactors for NJ Residential and Commercial Needs

From the spacious beaches of the Jersey shore to the beautiful forests of its northern region, the state of New Jersey is comprised of a diverse landscape and unique cities. Cali Carting has proudly serviced northern NJ for over 35 years, and continues to provide the garden state with outstanding waste and recycling removal services. Our compactors, specifically, are extremely popular, and benefit both commercial and residential customers in NJ.

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About Our Trash Compactors

The compactors that Cali Carting supplies to our NJ clientele are ideal for those who have a high volume of trash or recyclable materials. Thanks to the size and sturdiness of each compactor, both waste and recyclables can be managed, stored and disposed of in a way that is ideal for the Cali Carting team, as well as the NJ residence, business or municipalitythat is using it. We install and customize the following types of compactors:

  • Self-contained compactors, available from 15 to 35 cubic yards
  • Stationary compactors, available from 2 to 4 cubic yards
  • Closed receiver containers, available in 30 to 40 cubic yards

Upon a consultation, a member from the Cali Carting team will be able to meet with the prospective client, and check out their property, building and amount of waste and recyclables that they need to manage and contain on a daily basis – this will help us customize the best possible compactor to use.

Benefits of a Trash Compactor for NJ Customers

When a compactor is used for commercial waste and recyclables especially, it has a large number of advantages for an NJ business. Compactors take away the need for numerous cans that hold waste and recyclables, saving space on the property, and inside of the building. Because Cali Carting does not need to perform curbside pick up as frequently with a compactor, it also helps NJ businesses save financially, too. Compactors are also easy on the eyes, as they’re a neat way to store even the biggest heap of trash, recyclables and waste – overflowing cardboard, for example, will never be an issue when a compactor is involved. Unlike other forms of trash and recyclable storage options, compactors offer a wide variety of sizes, fitting almost every NJ business’s needs.

Rent the Best Commercial Trash Compactors in NJ

It’s important to accommodate large volumes of trash and recyclables properly, and Cali Carting sets the bar high when it comes to doing so. When an NJ customer realizes that they have more waste than they can handle – without the space or funds to manage it successfully – they are encouraged to inquire about our leasing, renting and purchasing programs for compactors in NJ. Compactors are the answer for customers who generate large quantities of waste and recyclable materials, and ours are unique, customizable and suitable for each and every NJ client that we take on. Please feel free to contact Cali Carting by calling 201-991-5400, or email for more information about our compactors.

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