Commercial Trash Compactors in New Jersey

Our compactors are unique and customizable for our NJ customers who generate large quantities of waste and recyclable materials.

Commercial Trash Compactors in New Jersey

For our customers looking for a longer-term solution for large waste management, our compactors are the answer. While our dumpsters are used for short-term rentals, our compactors are unique and customizable for our local customers who generate large quantities of waste and recyclable materials on a regular basis. They are a cost-effective solution for your high volume waste and recycling needs.

About Our Trash Compactors

Here at Cali Carting, we want to serve our NJ clientele with the best product and customer service. Thanks to the size and sturdiness of each compactor we offer, both waste and recyclables can be managed, stored, and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. New Jersey is our home, and we want to keep it as clean as possible!

We install and customize the following types of compactors:

  • Self-contained compactors, available from 15 to 35 cubic yards
  • Stationary compactors, available from 2 to 4 cubic yards
  • Closed receiver containers, available in 20 to 40 cubic yards

Upon requesting a consultation, a member from our team will meet with you at your property so we can perform a site survey, as well as the amount of waste and recyclables that you dispose of on a daily basis. That will help us determine the best compactor size to use.

Benefits of Trash Compactors

Trash compactors are great choices for businesses. Some benefits of choosing a compactor include:

  • Trash compactors create space: Because they compress the waste material, trash compactors help create more space. This means that you can dispose of more waste than you can in a traditional dumpster. 
  • Trash compactors are cost-efficient: For businesses with excessive waste, like warehouses and foodservice industries, traditional waste management can be extremely costly. A trash compactor helps reduce the cost because we do not need to perform pick ups as frequently.
  • Trash compactors are eco-friendly: Compacting your waste helps reduce the volume of waste you are releasing into the environment. This helps your company’s overall initiatives to go green.

How To Rent a Commercial Trash Compactor in New Jersey

It’s important to accommodate large volumes of trash and recyclables properly, and Cali Carting sets the bar high when it comes to doing so. Whether you are looking for information about leasing, renting, or purchasing a commercial trash compactor, the first step is to contact Cali Carting. Our team of experts will come up with a waste management plan that best fits your unique needs and is within your budget.

Compactors are the answer for customers who generate large quantities of waste and recyclable materials, and ours are tailored for each and every NJ client that we service. Please feel free to give us a call at (201) 991-5400, or email for more information about our compactors.

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