Monmouth County, NJ

Monmouth County Waste Management Services

Cali Carting Inc. is proud to offer its waste management services to the towns, cities, and municipalities of Northern Monmouth County, New Jersey. This includes servicing the following cities

  • Red Bank
  • Long Branch
  • Eatontown
  • Asbury Park
  • Holmdel
  • Hazlet
  • And more!

We hope that Monmouth County residents think of “The Man With The Can” for all of their waste management needs. We can help customers of all types, including individual residents completing home renovation projects, contractors in need of roll-off containers, or New Jersey businesses who want to go green and begin recycling. Whether you’re a loyal customer or renting your first dumpster from us, each and every customer will receive the same level and quality of services all of our other customers in New Jersey have for the last 35 years. Learn more about our services for the Monmouth County area below.

Trash Collection Service in Monmouth County

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, if you don’t have a trash collection service, your garbage will pile up quickly. All New Jersey residents and business owners need a waste route service that they can trust to properly dispose of unwanted materials. Our team at Cali Carting has serviced many municipalities for over 35 years, so we can be confident in disposing of your trash in a timely and orderly fashion.

Recycling Collection in Monmouth County

Trash isn’t the only thing that we can take care of! Now more than ever, it’s important that Monmouth County helps the country-wide effort and does its part to recycle. This can help keep unwanted items out of our oceans and save energy! If you would love to begin recycling in your home or business but are unsure of how to properly dispose of your items, you can trust our experts. All you need to do is put your recyclables in the recycling bin. Our single-stream recycling program allows you to mix materials, like glass, cans, aluminum, and newspapers all in one bin. We’ll do the rest of the work to ensure these materials are recycled properly!

Dumpster Rental in Monmouth County

Renting a dumpster from Cali Carting for use in Northern Monmouth County is simple and easy! To begin, you will get in touch with us to let us know when and where you’ll be needing the dumpster, and our team will deliver it to you, often within the same day! Our roll off dumpsters range from 10 yards to 40 yards and can be used for construction, commercial, or residential uses. If you are unsure of what size will best fit your project’s needs, our team can help you decide. We offer container rentals to residential, commercial, municipal, and private use customers, and allow these containers to be filled with construction waste, bulky waste, recyclables, and raw materials like scrap metal, concrete, bricks, wood, cardboard, and tires.

Our typical dumpster rental period is 10 days. Depending on your town’s rules and regulations, a permit may be required to keep the dumpster for longer than 10 days. When you are done with your dumpster, you simply give us a call and we will come to pick it up and haul it offsite. 

Monmouth County Trash Compactors for Rent

If you need a longer-term solution than a dumpster rental, our trash compactors may be the perfect fit. Our trash compactors are perfect for both businesses and home projects that require an extended timeline. Because they compress the waste material inside, compactors help create more space, are more cost-efficient, and are eco-friendly. Cali Carting offers and installs self-contained compactors (15-35 cubic yards), stationary compactors (2-4 cubic yards), and closed receiver containers (30-40 cubic yards).

Waste Management Services in Monmouth County

If you’re a Monmouth County resident looking for trash or recycling removal, recycling collection, or dumpster rental look no further than Cali Carting. We offer a wide range of services to Monmouth County residents to ensure their residential and commercial service needs are met. For waste management and dumpster services in Northern Monmouth County, contact Cali Carting at (201) 991-5400, or send us an email at

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