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Self-Contained Compactor Rentals in NJ

Those seeking an easy way to manage and dispose of waste in NJ can rent a self-contained compactor from Cali Carting. Our commercial compactor rentals are ideal for businesses or industrial customers who regularly generate large amounts of waste and recyclables.

What are Self-Contained Compactors Used for?

Ranging in size from 15 to 35 cubic yards, Cali Carting’s self-contained compactors are designed to remove high volumes of putrescible waste and are perfect for controlling odor at your office or business location. The container in the compactor is attached and the entire machine is hauled off to the disposal site once it is full. We handle your waste disposal process so you can focus on your business. Self-contained compactors provide a variety of benefits for NJ businesses that produce wet waste – all you need to do is fill the container, and once it’s full, Cali Carting will take care of the rest!

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Self-Contained Compactor Prices in New Jersey

Pricing for our self-contained compactors in NJ includes the hauling fee, disposal, and a monthly rental on the compactor unit. The rental includes regularly scheduled preventative maintenance, along with any repairs that may be needed. We proudly take care of each step of the process with a complete dedication to every customer. For an exact rate depending on the unique waste disposal needs of your business, please contact us today.

Interested in Renting a Self-Contained Compactor in NJ?

Self-Contained Compactors Guide

Learn more about our self-contained compactors in NJ, including what types of waste they are used for and how they can benefit your business every day.

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What Happens When I Rent a Self-Contained Compactor?

Before you rent a self-contained compactor from Cali Carting, a member of our team will visit your property to perform a site survey. During the site survey, we will evaluate the amount of waste and recyclables that you dispose of daily, which will help determine what size compactor is right for your business. Since a self-contained compactor has the compactor unit as part of the container, the whole container is hauled to the disposal site to be emptied and then returned to the customer site. Customers are responsible for supplying the correct electric and power supply disconnect so our drivers can perform proper lock out/tag out safety procedures when we come to haul the container. Self-contained commercial compactors are ideal for long term use, and since they successfully handle liquid waste, they are often used by malls, large restaurants, cafeterias, supermarkets, hospitals, and hotels.

What Can I Put in a Self-Contained Compactor in NJ?

Unlike stationary compactors, which are used for dry waste, self-contained compactors are built to handle waste that is likely to break down and produce liquid after being compacted. A container attached to the compactor holds the liquid produced, keeping it separate from the solid waste during the disposal process. This makes for a cleaner, more effective waste management process and ensures that each aspect of the waste put in the compactor is handled properly. These containers are ideal for the disposal and compacting of:

  • Wet waste
  • Food waste
  • Medical waste

Benefits of Self-Contained Compactors for NJ Businesses

Self-contained compactors offer a variety of benefits for NJ businesses of all sizes. Since the liquid element of waste is kept in a separate container within the compactor, it can later be disposed of safely without contaminating the solid waste produced during the compacting process. This process also keeps the area inside and outside the compactor clean, which is especially important when dealing with medical waste. Self-contained compactors reduce insect and rodent problems, as any food waste that the pests may be drawn to is stored securely within the compactor. Commercial compactors also help save businesses space and reduce dumpster overfill at your business site.

Rent a Commercial Compactor in Northern and Central NJ

Along with our various waste management services to municipalities and businesses in NJ, Cali Carting offers compactor rentals, leases, and purchases to make waste disposal easier for you. We streamline the process and help those in NJ make eco-friendly choices that benefit both the environment and their towns and businesses. Contact the “Man with the Can” today to schedule a site survey and learn more about all we can do for you!

Self-Contained Compactors

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