4 Effective Waste Management Strategies

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Accumulating waste, from trash to recyclables, is easy, but how much do you know about where the waste should go once it has been created? Waste management strategies are how the waste we create is collected, transported, and disposed of. The strategy you choose for your own waste management depends on your personal needs, and Cali Carting offers a number of effective waste management options to easily get the job done. Read on to learn more about the services we can offer you!

Municipal Trash Collection

Part of waste management includes waste collection, and this step allows waste to be transferred from its original location to the location of its treatment. Municipal trash collection ensures that the waste you create will be taken from your home to wherever it needs to end up. It also allows you to be assured that your recyclable materials will be handled properly and brought to the correct place. Cali Carting proudly serves 200,000 residents in New Jersey, and the members of our management team are certified by the Solid Waste Association of North America.

Dumpster Rentals

Following instances when a large amount of waste is created (for example, a construction project or home renovation), the waste management strategy utilized needs to be suited to the situation. Such a volume of trash can often be taken care of with a dumpster, able to collect and dispose of a large variety of waste types. Dumpsters are capable of handling demolition debris, contaminated dirt, household waste and construction debris, and recyclable materials, including concrete, asphalt, cardboard, scrap metal, wood, and much more. Dumpsters are such an effective waste management strategy because they are convenient, easy to use, and can help manage waste for businesses and residences alike.

At Cali Carting, we provide both residential and commercial dumpster rentals in NJ, with four different sizes available to cover the unique waste disposal needs of all those who work with us. We would be happy to go over the details of your project or your business’ waste production to help you determine which roll-off container size is best suited for you. Our dumpster rental sizes in NJ include:


For those facing a high volume of trash or recyclable materials, a compactor will be the most effective management strategy. Compactors are available in a variety of sizes and sturdiness levels, as they allow for waste and recyclable materials to be managed, stored, and disposed of in whatever way is most applicable. Compactors are effective and beneficial for businesses because they eliminate the need for multiple trash containers, and allow for waste to be disposed of properly.

Cali Carting offers commercial compactors for rent, lease, and purchase in NJ, so your business can optimize your waste management and disposal process. Our compactors are cost-effective, eco-friendly, and customizable, serving as the ideal solution for your high-volume waste and recycling needs. Commercial customers can choose between the following types of compactors:

  • Stationary Compactors
    • 2 to 4 cubic yards
    • Ideal for dry waste and recyclable materials, such as dry trash, cardboard, mixed paper, and plastic
  • Self-Contained Compactors
    • 15 to 35 cubic yards
    • Ideal for putrescible waste that is likely to break down and produce liquid, such as wet waste, food waste, and medical waste

Recycling Services

Going green should apply to all areas of life, especially when it comes to waste management and recycling. Businesses often face a large amount of waste each day or week, and through the use of commercial dumpster rentals, sustainable materials can avoid the landfill and be reused for another purpose in the future. This is one of the best ways to reduce waste in a productive way. Materials that can be recycled include cardboard, paper, glass, plastic, aluminum, batteries, and more. Ensuring that recyclable waste is disposed of in an eco-friendly way is both beneficial to the environment and cost-effective, so there is no reason to not work towards going green with waste management when possible.

We are proud to provide our eco-friendly waste management services to all types of businesses in NJ, including:

Waste Management Services in New Jersey

Since 1983, Cali Carting has been providing consistent commercial, industrial, and residential waste and recycling services throughout New Jersey. We offer all of the services listed above, and it is our pleasure to assist both commercial and residential customers with their waste management needs. We are a family owned and operated company focused on putting our customers first, so you can receive personalized service focused on a waste management strategy most effective for you. Contact us today with any questions you may have and to learn more about our services. When it comes to quality waste management services, you can count on Cali Carting.

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