5 Companies Transforming Trash into Fuel


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Businesses Who Recycle Their Garbage as Energy

Landfills are filling up all over the world, slowly becoming a much bigger issue than they once were. The world has tried many different processes when trying to properly get rid of garbage, but sadly, most of them do not work. We don’t want our planet to be slowly overtaken by our own trash. Luckily, for us, there are companies out there who convert trash and recycling into fuel that we can use.

#1 Fulcrum BioEnergy

Many companies have tried to convert trash into fuel, but this company is the first of its kind. Up and coming, Fulcrum is trying to convert trash to airplane fuel. Over seven years in the making, they are still working on creating their first factory in accordance with several big airliners and Tesla, which would be revolutionary for not only the planes but for everyone. Fulcrum now may finally have a chance to flourish, considering that the fuel prices for airplanes have been skyrocketing.

#2 Blue Sphere Corporation

An Israeli-based company, who focuses mainly on converting organic waste to energy. As of recently, this company leaked its way into the US, building two huge facilities where they can transform garbage into energy. The factories are actually fueled by organic waste, which in turn means they are using a significantly less amount of electricity when using the incinerator. The founders of the business also have a vast amount of experience and have worked all around the world including China, South America, Africa, and a few other countries.

#3 Covanta

As one of the world’s largest operators and owners of waste-to-energy and renewable energy production, they act as a large beacon of light in our dark, trash filled world. Their main goal is preserving our precious, depleting natural resources by replacing them with an environmental friendly medium – garbage. Covanta also assists smaller businesses in reusing their garbage as energy, helping to solve the most difficult environmental challenges. As of 2012, they were also the first company to create a gasification process when converting trash to energy, revolutionizing the waste-to-energy industry even more.

#4 Novo Energy LLC

Based in Colorado, Novo is a renewable energy company who provides efficient new technological advances for the waste-to-energy industry. They focus on creating equipment and projects that companies can use to help reduce waste and transform that waste into energy. Without Novo, some of the businesses wouldn’t have the tools they use today, such as the Aireal Combustion System or the Solios Air Pollution Control System. In addition, they also constructed an alternative solution to landfills; by replacing them with their renewable factory gasification equipment instead of using the old fashioned municipal incinerators.

#5 GGI Energy

This is a global manufacturer based in Texas who also makes waste-to-energy equipment for companies to use. Their main goal is to produce efficient and environmentally friendly equipment to help reduce the waste problem in the world. In addition to converting waste to energy at such high rates, no pollution is produced throughout the whole process. The process they go through when creating energy out of garbage is: pre-treatment, gasification, gas conditioning, and then liquid-fuel comes out which can be used as a proper fuel source. With these services, the possibilities are endless.

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