How to Maintain a Cleaner Home


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Keep Your Home Cleaner for Longer

Whether it is in regards to your work desk, car, home, or anywhere for that matter, we strive to keep it as clean as possible. Keeping a house clean, especially if you have other people and animals living there, is probably the hardest task of them all. It is very common to clean a house and see it get dirty within a couple days. With these tips on how to maintain your house and keep it clean, you shouldn’t have a problem when getting rid of the mess and keeping the mess out.

Garage First

Before you go to clean the rest of your house, your garage should be taken care of first. Working from the outside in will help to organize your cleaning strategies. Having a cracked cement garage floor creates a lot of problems. The cracks become a home for all kinds of bugs and critters, along with you tracking dust into your house from them. A simple can of garage floor paint from your local hardware store acts as a great sealant, preventing all of those problems. And while you’re sealing your garage floor, you can take it a step further and clean out your garage of all its trash – renting a dumpster would be ideal.

Cleaning Supply Outposts

Keeping all of your cleaning supplies in one place such as under the sink or in a pantry proves to be more tedious than what it seems. Having to run back and forth through your house to keep getting your cleaning supplies takes a much longer time. Having cleaning supply “outposts,” stationed throughout your house reduces the number of trips you have to take. In addition, if you see a mess that needs a quick clean, like a spilled drink, your cleaning supplies are right there. An added plus of having satellite locations for your cleaners is the accessibility of supplies so there is never an excuse to not clean.


Keeping a mat at every door entrance in your home saves you a lot of trouble. Making sure you have an outdoor mat and indoor mat at each door keeps out all of the mud and dirt from the house. Stopping the mess before it enters the home is a great strategy to maintain a cleaner home. Especially if the conditions are snowy and you come in from shoveling the driveway; it keeps out all of the slush and snow from your boots.

Keep the Dining Room Table Set

The dining room may act as a place to dump all of your unwanted belongings, creating clutter on the table. By keeping the dining room table set at all times, this keeps your other housemates from cluttering up the table whenever they get home. Backpacks, clothing, mail, or anything for that matter will not be on your table any longer. And having a clean looking table automatically makes the house appear bigger and cleaner. The dining room is not a trash service – it is a place to eat.

Keeping your house clean may sound like an impossible task for some people. But, there are simple things you can do, such as add mats to your doors, or bigger things you can do such as seal your garage. Start small and work your way up to bigger things, and you should have no problem in keeping your house clean. If you’re trying to do any major house cleaning project, hiring a dumpster from Cali Carting is a great way to go. Contact them today for offers and information!

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