What Not to Use Your Dumpster For

While dumpsters can be used for multiple waste and recycling projects, whether big or small, there are certain things for which a dumpster cannot be used. Most of the things for which dumpsters cannot be used pertain to any sort of toxic or hazardous waste. The types of waste listed below cannot be put into dumpsters as waste. There are alternate ways to dispose of those types of waste.

What Cannot Go Into a Roll-Off Dumpster


This includes mainly all televisions, radios, computer equipment and smartphones. Electronics, in general, contain a lot of dangerous chemicals, especially once disposed. Most electronics contain lead, mercury and PVC plastic, all of which are dangerous chemicals that can possibly leak into the environment, depending on the disposal process. There is actually a term for this kind of waste, e-waste, because of how popular electronics have become and the dangerous nature of the chemicals involved.


The chemicals that are found in different types of paint can affect the environment and living things in those environments. Oil-based paints contain extremely hazardous materials and are not allowed in dumpsters. The reason these are so harmful and cannot be put into dumpsters, and therefore exposed to humans, is because the chemicals are known to cause cancer, as well as other life-threatening diseases. There are some paints however, such as Latex paint, which are non-hazardous and can go into dumpsters.


Old and used tires can actually be repurposed for many different things, such as making new roads and any sort of pavement. It is very common to see parts of tires or old tires on the sides of roads, but those should not be put into dumpsters. Old tires should be recycled for reuse and other beneficial things, not just put to waste.


Both of these items are probably the hardest for which to find the proper disposal process. Most people who try to dispose of oil and fuel do so in quick and easy ways that eventually make it even worse in the end. Dumping it down the drain or putting it into a dumpster are common examples. Oil and fuel can clog sewage systems very easily, as well as leave stains on anything. Additionally, it takes a few years for fuel and oil to fully and properly break down. Instead of hoping for a quick fix by disposing of your fuel and oil improperly, do research on where and how to dispose of it.


Herbicides and pesticides do have beneficial usages, such as helping plants grow healthy and strong. Also, pesticides keep creatures and pests away, hence the name. While it is very beneficial for plants, it can be very harmful to humans, according to recent studies. Pesticides and herbicides can cause mental disorders and diseases in humans. Much like oil and fuel, you should do more research on how to dispose of herbicides and pesticides properly.


These groups of minerals bind together and act as harmful chemicals, especially when not disposed of properly. You should not put asbestos into dumpsters because it has negative effects on human health. Asbestos was previously used in industrial and residential areas because of its resistance to heat, electricity and fire. Homeowners are legally allowed to remove asbestos from their homes, but it is better to hire a professional for proper disposal of these harmful minerals.

Roll-Off Dumpsters in New Jersey

While you cannot use roll-off dumpsters for the products and chemicals listed above, there are plenty of beneficial uses of dumpsters. These can be used for large or small projects involving concrete, asphalt, brick, dirt, yard waste, wood, scrap metal, cardboard and much more. If you are looking to rent a dumpster in Northern New Jersey, contact us at Cali Carting for the best prices on roll-off dumpsters in the area.

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