Why You Must Recycle Your Business Waste


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Almost every business produces some type of waste, which is commonly referred to as commercial waste. This is defined as any waste produced by a commercial business practice. It can be anything from papers from an office to hazardous waste disposed by your company. Your company is responsible for this waste and the removal of the waste. There are several beneficial reasons why your company should be mindful and take a stance to recycle its waste. Below are the most important reasons why you should recycle your business waste.

Recycling Your Business Waste

Responsibility to the Environment

It is both your individual responsibility and business’ responsibility to recycle your waste. The environmental impact a business has due to the sheer volume of waste produced is substantially more than an average citizen. Recycling, whether for personal or business reasons, can save a lot of raw material and energy for society and the environment.

Required by Law

It varies from state to state, but more than likely your state legally requires your business to correctly dispose of business waste. In New Jersey, it is required by law that you dispose of business waste correctly. County legislation and some different statewide laws determine the mandatory objects that need to be recycled. Even in states that it is not required, it is both encouraged and highly recommended to help the state be as green and environmentally friendly as possible.

Saving Money For Your Business

You probably never thought that the proper disposal of your business waste can save money. In fact, recycling can save your company a significant amount of money. The average cost of waste has an estimated 5% turnover. If you recycle you can reduce costs at the landfill and waste removal, which will put money back into your business. You will always be saving money when recycling, because waste disposal costs can add up. Your local community pays about $75 per ton of general trash to dispose the waste at a landfill, which you actually pay through local taxes.

Better Appearance

The companies that are considered “green” have a much more appealing brand to both customers and employees when they properly and regularly recycle their business waste. Customers and clients tend to want to work with companies who are more environmentally friendly. Recycling your business waste also makes for happier and healthier employees because recycling makes people feel good about themselves. It’s a small way to make a big difference in the world.

Conserves Energy

When you recycle, you give back your business waste to possibly be made into something else. Some recycled products, such as aluminum, use less energy than it would require if made from raw materials. There are endless opportunities available when you properly recycle your business waste.

Recycling Business Waste in New Jersey

Considering the population and the amount of businesses in the New York and New Jersey area, there is poised to be a considerable amount of business waste generated each day. Your business needs to have a plan to recycle and go green. It will help with the environment, your budget, energy, and your businesses’ reputation. In New Jersey, there is no better company to help you go green than Cali Carting in Kearny, New Jersey. They provide services for dumpsters, compactors, and for municipalities. To learn more about how your company can recycle its business waste, contact us today!

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