Keep It or Leave It: Learning to Let Go

One of the many things we love to procrastinate on is cleaning and de-cluttering our homes. There are many excuses people use when it comes to going through and getting rid of old junk. Some may say they don’t have enough time, or they promise they’ll put a useless item to use one of these days. Did you know some health experts say getting rid of junk can be genuinely refreshing? In addition to feeling accomplished, you’ll love the visible results in your home. Trashing those unneeded belongings that have been taking up space in your home for years will show you a whole new area of space you never knew you had. We get it; getting rid of that extra trash is easier said than done. If you need a push to get yourself going in the right direction, we’ve come up with some tips to help you get rid of that extra trash you’ve been holding onto for way too long.


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Ask Yourself Why You’re Still Holding On

Question every item you find no matter what. Ask yourself why it is still in your possession. Are you keeping this item because it makes you happy? Have you used this item within the last year? Do you see yourself using it again in the near future? If not, it belongs in the trash. Don’t think twice. Just get rid of it!

Remember Your Memories Aren’t in Physical Objects

It can be hard to get rid of sentimental items, but it doesn’t mean you’re forgetting the people or the places associated with the object. If you can’t find a reason that these objects will actually be of use to you, trash it.

Toss It or Organize It

Old magazines, newspapers, and paperwork can take up so much unnecessary space in your garage or office. If the newspapers and magazines have already been read, it’s unlikely that you’ll read them again. Magazines and newspapers can be thrown out without hesitation. Be sure to go through your paperwork before throwing anything away that might actually be an important document. Once you’ve separated the trash and the important papers, be sure to organize them and keep them in a safe place.

Take it One Step at a Time

Take it room by room. Going through your home cleaning one room at a time will make it easier and less intimidating. Be sure to take your time and really pay attention to the trash. Seeing the clutter piled up, and tossing it in your dumpster will be an indescribable feeling. Before you know it, you’ll have your entire home trash-free!

Get the Family Involved

A large home cleanout isn’t going to be easy; it’s going to take time. Give every member of your family a room to tackle to speed up the process. The more the merrier!

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