From Winter to Spring: Backyard Cleanup  

Spring cleaning isn’t just for the inside of your home. Now that spring has sprung, it is time to tackle the mess that has surfaced in your yard over the winter months. The snow and ice have melted, but the effects of winter weather still linger in our yards. There are many things that are crucial to tackle this type of project, but being able to soak up the sun in your beautifully landscaped yard all spring and summer long will be well worth it. Don’t know where to start? These tips can help.


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  1. Cleanup Prep

Knowing where to start, and being prepared to start are the most important factors that go into a backyard cleanup. Make sure you have gardening gloves, trash bags and/or leaf bags, fertilizer, gardening shears, or anything else you think will be necessary for a successful backyard cleanup.

  1. Check your Tools and Equipment

Before you begin any landscaping, you’ll need to check all of your tools and equipment to make sure everything is in good shape. This ranges from a leaf blower to a lawn mower to your garden hose.

  1. Map Out Landscaping and Gardening Plans

If you plan to make any major changes to your current general landscape layout, sketch out your lawn plan indicating what types of trees, shrubs, or plants you’d like to add to it. Having a plan as to what you want your yard to look like by the end of your cleanup is the best way to keep yourself organized.

  1. Weed and Fertilize

The least fun part of a backyard cleanup is weeding. If you do not get rid of the unnecessary weeds in your yard, the rest of the landscaping will be pointless. Plants that survived through the winter as well as your lawn will be starving for some nutrients. Now is the time to give them a dose of fertilizer to make sure they grow healthy and strong. Always be sure to properly follow the instructions to avoid over fertilization.

  1. Rake Leaves and Remove Debris

Continue your spring yard cleanup by removing annual plants that didn’t survive the winter. In addition to creating space for new, healthier plants, pulling up dead annuals helps loosen the soil. This allows for air, water and nutrients to circulate easier. Focus on this general rule: if it’s dead, dispose of it. Also, be sure to pick up sticks and twigs that are lying around in your yard. A Cali Carting dumpster is the perfect way to dispose of this type of yard waste.

  1. Prune and Trim

It is common for tree and shrub branches to be damaged in the winter by cold, snow, and wind. Pruning and trimming your trees and shrubs will not only remove what is dead, but also make them more presentable and healthier overall. You can then dispose of these dead branches in your dumpster.

  1. Start Planting

Once your yard is free of debris, start creating your garden. Plant your flowers, trees, shrubs, etc. to complete your landscaping project. At this point, your yard will be complete and ready to enjoy for the rest of the season.


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