How to Properly Recycle Metal

May 30th, 2017 by rosario

metal recycling

Metal is one of the most common materials used today. It is utilized to make everything from aluminum foil to clothes hangers, to even bigger applications in construction. The one thing about metal is that it can all be recycled one way or another. There are multiple curbside recycling programs for certain metals, usually smaller kinds, and larger kinds of metals should be properly recycled at a local drop-off center. You can also rent a dumpster if you plan on a project that requires recycling metal. Below we tell you everything you need to know about properly recycling metal.

Scrap Metal Recycling

Most scrap yards nationwide will accept metals such as copper, steel, aluminum, brass, iron and all wires. There is a chance however that the scrap yard nearby may be accepting more types of metals than just that. In addition, you may be compensated with cash payouts for your scrap metals that you recycle. To find out any of this information, call your local scrap yard to find out which kinds of scrap metals they do accept.

Identify Your Type of Metal

The first thing you need to do before you consider recycling scrap metal is to identify the specific type of metal you have. A simple and cost efficient way to determine the type of metal you have is to use a magnet on your metal. A ferrous type of metal will stick to the magnet and a non-ferrous metal doesn’t stick to the magnet. Ferrous metals include steel and iron, and nonferrous metals include copper, aluminum, brass, steel or bronze. Nonferrous metals are more valuable to recycle and can be worth more money at scrap yards.

The Worth of Different Metals

Cash payouts that you will receive may differ from different local scrap yards but there is a general estimate for how much each type of metal is worth. If you call the scrap yard ahead of time, you will likely be able to find out exactly what they are offering to pay you to resell your scrap metals.

Quantity of Metals

It doesn’t matter the amount or quantity of scrap metal you have when you bring it to the scrap yard because they will accept any amount. But, the amount of metal that you bring to recycle will determine your payout because it is all dependent on the weight. They will still recycle your scrap metals if you only bring a little bit, but you will not receive much money for your contribution. If you want to make a lot of money for your scrap metal, you should save them up until you have a good amount of weight that you can bring to the scrap yard.

Odd Scrap Metal Recycling Requests

A common concern with scrap metal recycling has to do with older metal wire hangers and where or how people recycle them. The truth is that there is a possibility that your local dry cleaner will accept them for you and reuse them. It is also possible that your curbside recycling program will accept wire hangers. You should check your curbside recycling program because not all do offer the option of recycling hangers.

New Jersey Dumpster and Recycling Services

Whether you choose to use your local route services, trash compactors, or dumpsters to recycle your scrap metals, you should know how to properly dispose of it. At Cali Carting in Kearny, New Jersey, we can help you with all of your recycling needs. Our roll-off dumpster containers can help you recycle not only scrap metal but also a multitude of other recyclables. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you recycle your scrap metal properly.

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Trash Compactor

May 11th, 2017 by rosario


trash compactor

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Surprising Benefits for Your Business  

When you think of ways to improve a business, a commercial trash compactor is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However, these ingenious trash-disposal machines prove to be an easy, beneficial way to advance your business, providing a wide range of rewards after the installation is complete. Dumpster rental companies are known to provide a decent amount of trash compactor sizes and services, and can even deliver and set them up at your business’ location. Here are five reasons your business definitely needs a trash compactor as soon as possible:

1. It helps the environment.

A business is only as good as the environment it is in. And with more and more companies going green by implementing initiatives specifically to avoid harming the environment – whether it’s using less paper or reducing energy consumption – this mindset is more common now than ever before. Trash compactors are an easy way to go green because they allow businesses to effectively manage the amount of garbage that would otherwise accumulate inside or outside the company’s building. When you keep the air and land clean, it benefits the environment. Customers will take notice and applaud those efforts.

2. It saves you precious money and time.  

If your business does not have a trash compactor, getting rid of garbage at the end of each day – or week – is likely a dreaded experience. A business owner may choose to get rid of garbage by having a separate company collect the garbage with its truck, which can prove to be a costly service, depending on how frequently the company must come to get it. Conversely, an establishment can just dispose of its own garbage by making trips to the local landfill and recycling center to get rid of it. The latter is an extremely time-consuming process and proves to be a burden on finances as well since transportation costs add up quicker than you’d expect. A trash compactor will save you time and money since it reduces the number of trips you would need to take to the dump or the number of times someone else would need to come to pick it up for you.

3. It allows for more space.

Employees of companies that generate a large amount of waste and recyclable materials know just how much space all of that stuff takes up at their business’ location. This space certainly could be used for other, more practical storage needs. Not to mention, the accumulated amounts of waste become an eyesore for owners, employees and customers alike, negatively impacting the image of a business and ambiance of an office. When you use a trash compactor at your business, it crushes the waste you generate into much smaller, more manageable pieces, saving you an incredible amount of space – all while tucking it away in the machine so that it cannot be seen.

4. It gives you more control.

Believe it or not, trash compactors do, in fact, give business owners and managers more control. When you have an external dumpster to dispose of all your waste and recyclable materials, there are plenty of outside interferences that can take place, all of which are out of your hands. These include, but are not limited to, problems with employee safety, petty theft among employees and unwanted use of the dumpster by people who pass by your establishment. Additionally, dumpsters can lead to spillage, attracting disturbing odors and varmints. Purchasing a trash compactor eliminates all of these stressful risks, putting the full control in your hands. And since it safely contains and crushes the trash, it lessens the chance of any spilling out.

5. It can be customizable based on your business’ needs.

Sure, dumpsters come in a wide variety of sizes. But trash compactors are truly unique forms of waste and recyclable disposal that can be customized to suit your business extremely well. Trash compactors can either be customized self-contained units or stationary compactors. Closed-container units also are available, and each one comes in a different cubic-yard size, depending on how much – or how little – waste you have. Trash compactors also can be used inside or outside, and be used for various applications.

Trash Compactor Service in New Jersey

A trash compactor is a great way to improve your business. It can give you an ample amount of benefits, from saving money to helping the environment. If your business is in New Jersey or within the areas that surround it, there is no better company from which to purchase a trash compactor than Cali Carting Inc. Located in Kearny, New Jersey, we provide trash-compactor installation with quality products and customer service. Contact our office by calling 201-991-5400, or email us with any questions at


How to Motivate Yourself For Spring Cleaning

May 11th, 2017 by rosario



When the weather starts getting warmer and the snow starts to melt, flowers blossom and you realize that spring is here. You also may notice when spring arrives that your home needs a cleaning from top to bottom. There are times when spring-cleaning your home seems like a daunting and exhausting task, so you put it off. If you are one of these people, below are ways you can motivate yourself to finally get that spring cleaning done.

Plan Yourself a Party

This will be helpful for a few reasons to help motivate you to get started on your spring cleaning. First, if you set a date for a party you’re obviously going to have to clean for said party. If you’re already cleaning for your party, you might as well do a full spring cleaning before the party. This will motivate you to get it done before people come to your home, and do it in a timely and organized pattern. When done, you then can enjoy your party in a fully cleaned home.

Host Your Own Garage Sale

A garage sale is another easy and simple way you can motivate yourself to get into the spring-cleaning mindset for your home. Once you set the date of the garage sale, it will require you to go through all of the stuff in your home, and decipher what can go and what can stay. This deliberation process is the perfect opportunity to clean your home and organize it for the springtime. Some items you can put up for sale. Other items you can throw out. Then there are items you can reorganize. It will shock you how much you can de-clutter your home in time for spring through a garage sale.

Purchase New Furniture

If there ever was a time to upgrade the furniture in your home, it should be before spring-cleaning your home. An upgrade in furniture will require you to fully clean your rooms before the new furniture arrives in it. You can deep clean the carpet, the walls and everything else in the room. New furniture also can help you reorganize your room how you’ve always dreamed of doing it.

Reward Yourself With a Trip

It is basic human nature that if there is a reward you want in exchange for labor, you are more likely to do it. When it comes to spring cleaning your home, you can use rewards to motivate yourself to get started on the cleaning. A reward that you can give yourself is either a vacation or even a staycation. If you tell yourself and/or family that you can go on a trip as long as you get your cleaning done by a certain date, it will serve as a motivator to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Invite Guests For the Weekend

Whether it is family or friends, if you invite people to stay at your home for an extended period of time, you are going to be more motivated to clean your home. When you know that family and friends are only a month or so away from spending time at your home, you obviously want to impress and accommodate them with a clean home.

Rent a Dumpster in New Jersey

Another way to motivate yourself to spring clean your home is to rent a dumpster, so that you have a place to throw all of the trash from your home. In New Jersey, no one offers better dumpster rental services than Cali Carting in Kearny. To learn more about our services or dumpster sizes we offer for your spring-cleaning projects, contact us today.

Landfills to Convert Emissions into Electricity

May 11th, 2017 by rosario


Image via Wikimedia Commons

The EPA Recruits Landfills to Avoid Climate Change

Climate change seems to be one of the many hot topics these days, especially from the perspective of the United States Environmental Protection Agency – better known as the EPA – which works tirelessly, day in and day out, to avoid the issue from getting any worse. As the EPA encourages the government, people in power and the average citizen of this country to become increasingly aware of this serious issue, it recently has turned to America’s landfills and waste removal professionals to help keep the future of our planet safe. The EPA’s guidelines will turn our trash into a newfound source of energy, and actually contribute to getting rid of climate change altogether.

Climate Change: What It Is

It’s exactly as it sounds: Climate change is the rapid modification of our earth’s climate that we never expected to happen so fast, resulting in disruptive impacts to the climate patterns that mold our natural ecosystems. This harmful change has come from levels of rising carbon dioxide, and other gases that trap heat, that have passed through the atmosphere. These gases have warmed the earth, caused sea levels to rise, melted snow and ice, have brought on more extreme fires and droughts, and caused even more extreme storms, floods and rainfall. As predicted by environmental professionals and scientists, these negative impacts brought on by climate change are only going to continue – and in some instances, get even worse – if we don’t do something to stop it. Without the proper help, our health, forests, freshwater supplies and other natural resources are going to become truly damaged, and diminish our lives – and planet – as we know it.

Latest EPA Guidelines

In July 2016, the EPA officially released a newly revised set of guidelines, with the intention to improve climate mitigation strategies and efforts. These guidelines brought in landfills throughout the country as another party into the mix, primarily because large areas of waste disposal emit a serious amount of carbon dioxide, methane and other toxins, known as landfill gas. Unfortunately, nearly 20 percent of methane emissions – derived from humans – come from our landfills, so it was long overdue for the EPA to step in and start buckling down on the waste disposal areas.

How Landfills Are Helping  

Under these new EPA guidelines, landfill owners are now responsible for deriving their own mechanisms to prevent carbon dioxide, methane and other toxic gases from being released into the air around us. The EPA is making this possible by putting a new threshold in place, which is currently set at 34 megagrams per year of non-methane organic compounds (NMOCs). Ultimately, the EPA hopes to see a reduction of about 290,000 metric tons of methane a year by 2025, which is about 7.1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide.

Landfill Gas is Converted into Energy  

As the idea behind the EPA’s guideline details, landfill gas can actually be captured and converted into a legitimate energy source – a brilliant solution to the climate change issues brought on by the smog and harmful toxins that landfills emit. Using a variety of wells and a blower/flare system, the landfill gas is extracted from a landfill. The components that make up such a system include a well, wellhead, collection piping, treatment/blower/flare station and a flare. Doing so takes the gas into a collected, central point, where it is processed and treated. The gas is then flared, used to create electricity, and replaces fossil fuels in both industrial and manufacturing operations. The landfill gas also can be turned into pipeline-quality gas and used as an alternative to vehicle fuel. There are a few options for converting the landfill gas into energy, including electricity generation, direct use, cogeneration and alternative fuels.

A Small Price to Pay  

Since releasing their new guidelines, landfill owners around the country are known to be a bit conflicted regarding the EPA’s policy. That’s because the technological means of preventing the harmful gases being released into the environment can prove to be a bit costly – especially when it comes to the size of the landfill. Regardless, Cali Carting Inc. – a full-service solid waste and recycling company located in Kearny, New Jersey – is proud to get behind the EPA’s guidelines, and support the move to reverse the harmful impact climate change has brought about.

Garbage Disposal Services in New Jersey

At Cali Carting, we provide roll-off containers for waste and recyclable materials to our contractor, business-owner and homeowner clientele, with same-day service available in most areas that we serve. We strive to complete our commitment to deliver the most environmentally friendly service, while working with our customers to help them achieve their sustainability goals. Please contact our office at 201-991-5400 if you think you could benefit from our services.

Why Garbage Chutes Are Essential to Apartments

May 11th, 2017 by rosario

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The Importance Behind These Garbage Disposal Technologies

Garbage chutes are extremely common to large apartment and condominium buildings, and it’s easy to see why. These methods of garbage disposal are really practical for residents and employees who use them, minimizing their time and effort, and maximizing their ability to keep the place they call home clean. Garbage chutes are mechanisms that consolidate trash from each floor of a building – or select floors of each building – via a chute, allowing all trash to collectively compile in a singular location. Garbage chutes are essential to apartment buildings, and make for an effective way to dispose of trash.

They are environmentally friendly.

As any garbage-disposal professional can tell you, dealing with garbage requires a lot of safety precautions – and for obvious reasons. Thankfully, when you have a garbage chute at your apartment, handling the trash in the midst of disposal is a lot safer for both the men and women who live in the apartments, and the solid waste and recycling company that gets rid of the accumulated trash. Once the trash is placed down the garbage chute, the people who live in the apartments decrease their potential for dealing with harmful insects, pests and other busy rodents who like to come in contact with the trash. It also significantly improves the quality of air, as getting rid of the garbage via a garbage chute means that it is not piling up on the floor on which they live, eliminating disturbing odors. Most importantly, germs from the garbage are contained elsewhere, instead of the place in which the apartment residents live.

They make it easy for residents to dispose of trash.

Getting rid of trash in an apartment has never been easier, thanks to the simple structure of garbage disposals. Regardless of whether apartment inhabitants are able to access the garbage chute on every floor, or specifically marked floors, disposing of their trash is completely painless and hassle-free. The garbage chute uses a long tube that is built into the interior structure of the apartment building, attached to openings on the floors of the apartment for the residents to access. Once these men and women have tied up all their garbage bags, all they need to do is drop the bags down the designated garbage chute. These garbage bags run down the chute, and travel until reaching the main dumping area where all the trash is gathered. Usually this is on the lowest level of the apartment building. There the garbage bags roll straight into the garbage dumpster or roll-off container that is used to get rid of all the trash.

It’s a simple way to organize a massive amount of garbage.

For apartment building owners and management staff, it can be pretty overwhelming to deal with the collecting and sorting of trash – especially if the apartment building they’re operating is a high-rise, or simply larger than the average. In apartment units that do not contain a garbage chute, the maintenance workers and apartment managerial staff are responsible for picking up their residents’ garbage bags on every floor, a tedious task that takes away a lot of time and energy from their already jam-packed days of labor. However, collecting the trash from those who live in the apartment is only one element of the sorting process. Similarly, apartment buildings that don’t use a garbage chute make staffs transport the pounds and pounds of garbage to a singular area by hand. Organizing and compiling the garbage bags come next, which must be moved – by hand – to a roll-off container or dumpster. This strenuous process is made easy with the assistance of garbage chutes. Additionally, in those eco-friendly apartment buildings that provide a separate recycling service, this organization becomes second nature, as apartment building owners can make sure that there is a chute specifically created for the removal of recyclable materials.

Contact a Solid Waste and Recycling Company to Improve Your Garbage Removal Process

Garbage chutes clearly make for an efficient, simple and safe way to transport, collect and organize garbage and recycling that apartment dwellers need to throw away. Aside from installing the garbage chutes – and deciding where those will be located throughout the apartment building – those who manage apartment buildings must also decide who they are going to trust when it comes to removing the massive amounts of collected trash and recycling. At Cali Carting Inc., we are able to provide our apartment building clientele with a variety of dumpster sizes, meeting the needs of every customer we have. Contact our full-service, solid waste and recycling company by calling 201-991-5400. We look forward to hearing from you!

What is Illegal Dumping?

May 4th, 2017 by rosario

illegal dumping

A growing problem in this country that is not limited to any one area, is illegal dumping. While illegal dumping seems to be just one type of dumping, there are two different forms of illegal dumping that have become increasingly problematic. Below are the two main types of illegal dumping and what they consist of in their entirety.

The Types of Illegal Dumping

Unauthorized Dumping

●      Authorization Needed

If you want to put anything into a dumpster you need to have full authorization to do so. If you do not have the proper authorization to place debris inside of a dumpster, it is considered illegal dumping. Most people who use this form of illegal dumping do so in order to avoid renting or paying for their own roll-off dumpster. The people who partake in illegal dumping ignore the environmental issues with it because only certain types of debris can be placed in dumpsters.

●      Avoiding Costs

Another major reason why people partake in unauthorized dumping is to avoid the costs of their own dumpster. It is also possible they are just not educated on how to properly dispose of waste so they throw their waste wherever they choose. If one is to be caught dumping waste without authorization, there is serious legal action to follow.

Midnight Dumping

Midnight dumping is the term used to describe when people put waste and debris in unauthorized areas. These areas include both public and private land.

●      Time of the Dumping

The reason for the nickname of this type of the illegal dumping is the timing of the dumping. Most of this type of illegal dumping is done at nighttime, hence the nickname midnight, under the cover of darkness. Midnight dumping has a negative effect on the environment and the quality of life for not only animals, but also the humans in that area. Parts of the environment most affected by dumping include the very waterways you get water from.

●      Illegal Landfills

One of the outcomes of midnight dumpsites is that they can turn into what are known as illegal landfills. The problem with these types of landfills is that the garbage attracts rodents and decreases any value that the land previously had. These illegal landfills also commonly include hazardous materials because it is much easier to dump these materials at night under the cover of darkness. It is an easy way to dispose of hazardous materials, that usually require a meticulous process to disposing them because they are so dangerous.

Dumpster Services in New Jersey

While there are different types of illegal dumping that people partake in, there are also plenty of legal options to disposing of your waste, such as legally renting and utilizing a dumpster. There are plenty of different dumpster services available to rent such as 10-yard, 15-yard, 20-yard, 30-yard and 40-yard roll-off dumpsters. Roll-off dumpsters can be properly used to dispose of any types of construction debris, demolition, cleanouts and furniture. Cali Carting in Kearny, New Jersey has all of these dumpster services and more. We can also provide your cleanup needs with route services and compactors. Cali Carting is a New Jersey market leader in municipal trash collection. To learn more about us and the dangers of illegal dumping, contact us today.

Why You Must Recycle Your Business Waste

May 4th, 2017 by rosario

business waste

Almost every business produces some type of waste, which is commonly referred to as commercial waste. This is defined as any waste produced by a commercial business practice. It can be anything from papers from an office to hazardous waste disposed by your company. Your company is responsible for this waste and the removal of the waste. There are several beneficial reasons why your company should be mindful and take a stance to recycle its waste. Below are the most important reasons why you should recycle your business waste.

Recycling Your Business Waste

Responsibility to the Environment

It is both your individual responsibility and business’ responsibility to recycle your waste. The environmental impact a business has due to the sheer volume of waste produced is substantially more than an average citizen. Recycling, whether for personal or business reasons, can save a lot of raw material and energy for society and the environment.

Required by Law

It varies from state to state, but more than likely your state legally requires your business to correctly dispose of business waste. In New Jersey, it is required by law that you dispose of business waste correctly. County legislation and some different statewide laws determine the mandatory objects that need to be recycled. Even in states that it is not required, it is both encouraged and highly recommended to help the state be as green and environmentally friendly as possible.

Saving Money For Your Business

You probably never thought that the proper disposal of your business waste can save money. In fact, recycling can save your company a significant amount of money. The average cost of waste has an estimated 5% turnover. If you recycle you can reduce costs at the landfill and waste removal, which will put money back into your business. You will always be saving money when recycling, because waste disposal costs can add up. Your local community pays about $75 per ton of general trash to dispose the waste at a landfill, which you actually pay through local taxes.

Better Appearance

The companies that are considered “green” have a much more appealing brand to both customers and employees when they properly and regularly recycle their business waste. Customers and clients tend to want to work with companies who are more environmentally friendly. Recycling your business waste also makes for happier and healthier employees because recycling makes people feel good about themselves. It’s a small way to make a big difference in the world.

Conserves Energy

When you recycle, you give back your business waste to possibly be made into something else. Some recycled products, such as aluminum, use less energy than it would require if made from raw materials. There are endless opportunities available when you properly recycle your business waste.

Recycling Business Waste in New Jersey

Considering the population and the amount of businesses in the New York and New Jersey area, there is poised to be a considerable amount of business waste generated each day. Your business needs to have a plan to recycle and go green. It will help with the environment, your budget, energy, and your businesses’ reputation. In New Jersey, there is no better company to help you go green than Cali Carting in Kearny, New Jersey. They provide services for dumpsters, compactors, and for municipalities. To learn more about how your company can recycle its business waste, contact us today!

What Not to Use Your Dumpster For

January 6th, 2017 by rosario

While dumpsters can be used for multiple waste and recycling projects, whether big or small, there are certain things for which a dumpster cannot be used. Most of the things for which dumpsters cannot be used pertain to any sort of toxic or hazardous waste. The types of waste listed below cannot be put into dumpsters as waste. There are alternate ways to dispose of those types of waste.

What Cannot Go Into a Roll-Off Dumpster


This includes mainly all televisions, radios, computer equipment and smartphones. Electronics, in general, contain a lot of dangerous chemicals, especially once disposed. Most electronics contain lead, mercury and PVC plastic, all of which are dangerous chemicals that can possibly leak into the environment, depending on the disposal process. There is actually a term for this kind of waste, e-waste, because of how popular electronics have become and the dangerous nature of the chemicals involved.


The chemicals that are found in different types of paint can affect the environment and living things in those environments. Oil-based paints contain extremely hazardous materials and are not allowed in dumpsters. The reason these are so harmful and cannot be put into dumpsters, and therefore exposed to humans, is because the chemicals are known to cause cancer, as well as other life-threatening diseases. There are some paints however, such as Latex paint, which are non-hazardous and can go into dumpsters.


Old and used tires can actually be repurposed for many different things, such as making new roads and any sort of pavement. It is very common to see parts of tires or old tires on the sides of roads, but those should not be put into dumpsters. Old tires should be recycled for reuse and other beneficial things, not just put to waste.


Both of these items are probably the hardest for which to find the proper disposal process. Most people who try to dispose of oil and fuel do so in quick and easy ways that eventually make it even worse in the end. Dumping it down the drain or putting it into a dumpster are common examples. Oil and fuel can clog sewage systems very easily, as well as leave stains on anything. Additionally, it takes a few years for fuel and oil to fully and properly break down. Instead of hoping for a quick fix by disposing of your fuel and oil improperly, do research on where and how to dispose of it.


Herbicides and pesticides do have beneficial usages, such as helping plants grow healthy and strong. Also, pesticides keep creatures and pests away, hence the name. While it is very beneficial for plants, it can be very harmful to humans, according to recent studies. Pesticides and herbicides can cause mental disorders and diseases in humans. Much like oil and fuel, you should do more research on how to dispose of herbicides and pesticides properly.


These groups of minerals bind together and act as harmful chemicals, especially when not disposed of properly. You should not put asbestos into dumpsters because it has negative effects on human health. Asbestos was previously used in industrial and residential areas because of its resistance to heat, electricity and fire. Homeowners are legally allowed to remove asbestos from their homes, but it is better to hire a professional for proper disposal of these harmful minerals.

Roll-Off Dumpsters in New Jersey

While you cannot use roll-off dumpsters for the products and chemicals listed above, there are plenty of beneficial uses of dumpsters. These can be used for large or small projects involving concrete, asphalt, brick, dirt, yard waste, wood, scrap metal, cardboard and much more. If you are looking to rent a dumpster in Northern New Jersey, contact us at Cali Carting for the best prices on roll-off dumpsters in the area.

The Food Waste Epidemic

January 6th, 2017 by rosario

There is a worldwide epidemic when it comes to food production vs. food consumption. One third of all of the food produced in the world for human consumption goes uneaten. This would probably explain why 870 million people worldwide are starving every day. It also explains the amount of leftover waste, and the financial and environmental implications that come along with it. It has been estimated that not only does this food waste epidemic cost $750 billion a year, but it also “costs” 3.3 billion tons of greenhouse gases.

Solving the Food Waste Epidemic

Food Waste in the United States

While it is undoubtedly a worldwide problem, it is shocking that in a developed country like the United States there is such a food waste problem. Fifty-two million tons of food is wasted each year in the United States, which costs around $218 billion. This does not only affect the businesses that lost revenue over wasted food, but also the consumers that pay for the food and waste it, as well as the people who are affected by this and therefore lack access to food regularly. Eighty-three percent of the food waste epidemic in the United States occurs in grocery stores, restaurants and in consumers’ homes.

Efforts to Combat Food Waste

There have been multiple efforts, some small-scale and some large-scale, to help combat food waste. There have been, however, more large-scale solutions in development recently due to the severity of the issue. The Environmental Protection Agency, for example, developed a Food Recovery challenge so that citizens of the United States can help prevent and divert wasted food. Another large-scale solution to the food waste epidemic is the ReFED program. This is an effort to try to reduce the amount of food waste by at least 20 percent within a decade of its start time. Reducing the amount of food waste that the United States creates has a positive impact on the economy, the environment and society.

How to Recycle Food Waste

The previously mentioned ReFED program is a huge help in the recycling process of food waste. They have 3 main principles for the solutions of food waste. Those include the prevention of food waste, recovery of food waste and recycling of food waste. The prevention part of this hierarchy is the first and most important step: stopping waste from occurring. Some things people can do for prevention are consumer education, standardized date labeling and packaging adjustments. The recovery solutions part of the hierarchy center around redistributing food to people. Recovery efforts that can help with the reduction of food waste are donation tax incentives and standardized donation regulation. The recycling efforts in this hierarchy revolve around the efforts to repurpose waste as energy, agricultural and other products. The key concept behind the recycling efforts for food waste is diversion. This means that all food scraps from waste need to be diverted to organics recycling facilities. The other option for recycling efforts is to centralize compost the food waste. This effort can then create more compost for farming and environmental remediation markets.

Recycling Waste in New Jersey

Considering the magnitude of the worldwide food problem, there need to be various efforts made to combat food waste, whether large-scale or small-scale. At Cali Carting in Kearny, New Jersey, we have route services throughout Northern New Jersey to help with waste and recycling efforts. We also offer services for dumpsters to help with bigger waste projects, other than food waste. Those include household waste and demolition debris. To learn more about our recycling waste services, contact us today.

5 Companies Transforming Trash into Fuel

October 26th, 2016 by rosario


Image via Pexels

Businesses Who Recycle Their Garbage as Energy

Landfills are filling up all over the world, slowly becoming a much bigger issue than they once were. The world has tried many different processes when trying to properly get rid of garbage, but sadly, most of them do not work. We don’t want our planet to be slowly overtaken by our own trash. Luckily, for us, there are companies out there who convert trash and recycling into fuel that we can use.

#1 Fulcrum BioEnergy

Many companies have tried to convert trash into fuel, but this company is the first of its kind. Up and coming, Fulcrum is trying to convert trash to airplane fuel. Over seven years in the making, they are still working on creating their first factory in accordance with several big airliners and Tesla, which would be revolutionary for not only the planes but for everyone. Fulcrum now may finally have a chance to flourish, considering that the fuel prices for airplanes have been skyrocketing.

#2 Blue Sphere Corporation

An Israeli-based company, who focuses mainly on converting organic waste to energy. As of recently, this company leaked its way into the US, building two huge facilities where they can transform garbage into energy. The factories are actually fueled by organic waste, which in turn means they are using a significantly less amount of electricity when using the incinerator. The founders of the business also have a vast amount of experience and have worked all around the world including China, South America, Africa, and a few other countries.

#3 Covanta

As one of the world’s largest operators and owners of waste-to-energy and renewable energy production, they act as a large beacon of light in our dark, trash filled world. Their main goal is preserving our precious, depleting natural resources by replacing them with an environmental friendly medium – garbage. Covanta also assists smaller businesses in reusing their garbage as energy, helping to solve the most difficult environmental challenges. As of 2012, they were also the first company to create a gasification process when converting trash to energy, revolutionizing the waste-to-energy industry even more.

#4 Novo Energy LLC

Based in Colorado, Novo is a renewable energy company who provides efficient new technological advances for the waste-to-energy industry. They focus on creating equipment and projects that companies can use to help reduce waste and transform that waste into energy. Without Novo, some of the businesses wouldn’t have the tools they use today, such as the Aireal Combustion System or the Solios Air Pollution Control System. In addition, they also constructed an alternative solution to landfills; by replacing them with their renewable factory gasification equipment instead of using the old fashioned municipal incinerators.

#5 GGI Energy

This is a global manufacturer based in Texas who also makes waste-to-energy equipment for companies to use. Their main goal is to produce efficient and environmentally friendly equipment to help reduce the waste problem in the world. In addition to converting waste to energy at such high rates, no pollution is produced throughout the whole process. The process they go through when creating energy out of garbage is: pre-treatment, gasification, gas conditioning, and then liquid-fuel comes out which can be used as a proper fuel source. With these services, the possibilities are endless.

New Jersey Waste Disposal

Every single year, over two billion tons of waste is improperly disposed of by companies and people alike; such as dumping in the ocean, lakes, open air, and even outsourcing our trash to third world countries. Even the smallest of changes makes a difference; so if you want to make a change in this growing environmental issue, contact Cali Carting today so you can properly dispose of your waste with the rental of one of their dumpsters.