Why You Should Start a Recycling Program at Your College This Semester

Benefits of Recycling on College Campuses

Many colleges have a significant amount of garbage to dispose of around their campuses, but have you ever asked yourself where it all goes? In the tri-state area, garbage is either disposed by truck, sea, or sent back to the consumer. If all college and universities began recycling, the world could reach much higher sustainability goals. Instead of having to completely get rid of the trash by truck or sea, recycling allows a product to be reused and reduces the waste in landfills. There is already staggering amounts of garbage that landfills just can’t keep up with. Recycling at colleges could be a huge part of the solution as well as spread awareness of the damaging effects garbage can have on the environment.

Believe it or not, recycling programs are extremely beneficial to the economy. Implementing recycling programs at a college can lower garbage related costs and allow more room in the budget for other necessities. The costs are significantly lower, due to the fact that it takes less energy to recycle. Without recycling, a college is essentially paying more money to harm the environment and put us at risk.

What Happens at Landfills?

Every day garbage trucks collect garbage and bring them to landfills, where the garbage is broken down and buried into the ground. To get an idea, an average American discards seven and a half pounds of garbage every day. The amount of time it takes before the garbage decomposes is frightening. According to this study, a plastic 6-pack holder can take up to 5 centuries to disappear. Recycling eliminates this step completely, and reduces the amount of garbage to be disposed of in landfills significantly.

How Does Recycling Help Wildlife?

The Wildlife Club on campuses will be happy to know recycling lends an important role in protecting wild life. Less waste and preserved landfill space means that there will be less ground used for garbage. Therefore, there will not be as many forests destroyed and animals can keep their homes. Even more, less space needed for landfills means more space for homes, businesses, or college campuses as well. With such a growing population, recycling can keep everyone happy.

Recycling Electronics on College Campuses

Many colleges already have the ability to recycle. With numerous computers and printers to accommodate their students, colleges can recycle these devices and use them as new products. Simply substituting a piece of paper for an electronic version can save thousands of trees. Additionally, colleges can seek to establish a meal plan that organizes the amount of food that is disposed of. By utilizing the meal plan, less food and money is wasted while still leaving students satisfied. With many different areas of a college campus, it is important for all parts to participate.

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Waste Management and Recycling Services in NJ From Cali Carting

Cali Carting Inc., located in Kearny, N.J., is a recycling service that believes in keeping the environment green. The company offers a range of services, including pick-ups for large amounts of waste. The best part is the company does everything for you. All that you have to do to set up a recycling program at your college is provide the bins on campus. Cali Carting recycles everything from cardboard, paper, commingled, e-waste, batteries, and light bulbs at a cost effective price. Colleges that choose to start recycling can save money and help save the environment. Contact Cali Carting today at (201) 991-5400 to be part of the solution.

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