Spring Cleaning Essentials

A messy house has the ability to put everyone on edge and in a bad mood, because mess equals stress. You can’t find things. You lose things. You trip over things. Life’s just easiest when your house is clean and organized. Therefore, when everything in your house is situated and in place, everyone in the household is able to function better.

Unfortunately, keeping your house clean on a daily basis is tough. The upkeep seems constant, especially for us busy bees or extreme procrastinators. For example, maybe some of your dishes got washed, just not all. Alternatively, maybe you finished all the laundry, but everything’s still in hampers. Trust us, although everyone’s situation is different and some really do have it a lot harder, we all know what it feels like to have a messy house.

Messy room

Having said all this, a productive day of spring-cleaning is exactly what most of us need in order to get our households back on track and feeling good.

The key to effective spring-cleaning is de-cluttering. For instance, when we clean on a daily basis, most of us develop terrible habits! The biggest culprit of all would be the tucking away of nonsensical items. For whatever reason, people love hoarding things in random junk drawers, smelly basements, moldy sheds, dusty closets, and other types of forgotten about places. Listen up, if you’re able to forget about these nonsensical items for months on end, you most likely could do without them.

For that reason, Cali Carting has spring cleaning all figured out. And like we said, it’s all about de-cluttering. De-cluttering any household should always start with renting a dumpster. Start throwing away everything you don’t need, use, or hoard. No one needs extra junk lying in and around the nooks and crannies of your house because it’s wasted space. According to a poll conducted by the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), nearly 65% of Americans feel their home is at least somewhat disorganized.

Household members, or even office workers, always feel out of control when surrounded with more things than they can manage. Clutter simply isn’t healthy. Get rid of all your clutter fast by renting a dumpster at least once every year for your annuals spring cleaning.

Before you rent your dumpster, set goals and make a plan. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to take over your life. With an action plan, you can definitely have everything de-cluttered and smelling like lemons in 8 hours tops! Read on for our spring cleaning suggestions as you de-clutter your home:

Map Out Rooms

Prioritize your time and tackle the toughest spots first. Don’t leave them for last. The areas with the most junk need to get de-cluttered first because this helps with pacing. You should even give yourself a certain amount of time to clean each particular area so you don’t slack off.

Have a Sorting System

As you de-clutter one area to the next, make sure you have a sorting system. Try using boxes as you go through the rooms and spaces in your house. A good idea would be to have a trash box, donation box, and yard sale box handy. The goal is to eliminate as much junk as possible. Stick to the goal. This method forces you to make decisions with your junk.

Mentally Prepare Yourself

Getting rid of stuff is difficult for everyone, especially for those of us who become emotionally attached to our materials. It’s even harder when we attach a specific memory to a specific item.  We want to treasure our possessions. However, you have to form a more manageable way of keeping your memories, while getting rid of the junk! The 80/20 rule will keep you in line. Keep reminding yourself to get rid of anything you don’t use 80% of the time.

Rent a Dumpster to De-Clutter Your Home in NJ

Remember, a thorough spring cleaning is all about de-cluttering, and we consider ourselves the experts at such. Therefore, if you’re serious about your spring cleaning goals this year, please contact Cali Carting at (201) 991-5400 for your dumpster rental today!

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