How to Motivate Yourself For Spring Cleaning



When the weather starts getting warmer and the snow starts to melt, flowers blossom and you realize that spring is here. You also may notice when spring arrives that your home needs a cleaning from top to bottom. There are times when spring-cleaning your home seems like a daunting and exhausting task, so you put it off. If you are one of these people, below are ways you can motivate yourself to finally get that spring cleaning done.

Plan Yourself a Party

This will be helpful for a few reasons to help motivate you to get started on your spring cleaning. First, if you set a date for a party you’re obviously going to have to clean for said party. If you’re already cleaning for your party, you might as well do a full spring cleaning before the party. This will motivate you to get it done before people come to your home, and do it in a timely and organized pattern. When done, you then can enjoy your party in a fully cleaned home.

Host Your Own Garage Sale

A garage sale is another easy and simple way you can motivate yourself to get into the spring-cleaning mindset for your home. Once you set the date of the garage sale, it will require you to go through all of the stuff in your home, and decipher what can go and what can stay. This deliberation process is the perfect opportunity to clean your home and organize it for the springtime. Some items you can put up for sale. Other items you can throw out. Then there are items you can reorganize. It will shock you how much you can de-clutter your home in time for spring through a garage sale.

Purchase New Furniture

If there ever was a time to upgrade the furniture in your home, it should be before spring-cleaning your home. An upgrade in furniture will require you to fully clean your rooms before the new furniture arrives in it. You can deep clean the carpet, the walls and everything else in the room. New furniture also can help you reorganize your room how you’ve always dreamed of doing it.

Reward Yourself With a Trip

It is basic human nature that if there is a reward you want in exchange for labor, you are more likely to do it. When it comes to spring cleaning your home, you can use rewards to motivate yourself to get started on the cleaning. A reward that you can give yourself is either a vacation or even a staycation. If you tell yourself and/or family that you can go on a trip as long as you get your cleaning done by a certain date, it will serve as a motivator to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Invite Guests For the Weekend

Whether it is family or friends, if you invite people to stay at your home for an extended period of time, you are going to be more motivated to clean your home. When you know that family and friends are only a month or so away from spending time at your home, you obviously want to impress and accommodate them with a clean home.

Rent a Dumpster in New Jersey

Another way to motivate yourself to spring clean your home is to rent a dumpster, so that you have a place to throw all of the trash from your home. In New Jersey, no one offers better dumpster rental services than Cali Carting in Kearny. To learn more about our services or dumpster sizes we offer for your spring-cleaning projects, contact us today.

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