Newark Trash Compactors

Newark Trash Compactors

Cali Carting is proud to serve Newark, the largest city in the great state of New Jersey. Home to several parks, museums, venues, churches and more; Newark has become a mecca of revitalization in the Garden State. With an undeniable growth in business and residents, Cali Carting is proud to serve Newark for all of its waste management needs, including compactors.

Compactors provide many benefits to the environment and businesses alike. They are sturdy and leak-resistant, they offer efficient and easy disposal, they are energy efficient, they eliminate insects and odor problems, in many cases they offer 80% less waste by volume, and finally, they offer low operating costs. Simply put, they are a great solution for keeping your work environment clean and your waste costs low. At Cali Carting, we offer top-quality compactors to meet any of your business’ specific needs.

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15 to 35 Yard Trash Compactors in Newark

Compactors are the answer for customers who generate large quantities of waste and recyclable materials. For Newark businesses and residents, we can install customized self-contained compactor(s) or stationary compactor(s) at your Newark location for solid waste and/or recycling. We will discuss your waste management needs at your Newark residence or business to find the perfect compactor to fulfill your needs at a price point that is suitable for you.  Self-contained units are available from 15 to 35 cubic yards. Stationary units are available from 2 to 4 cubic yards. Closed receiver containers are available in 30 to 40 cubic yards and can be combined with a stationary unit provided by Cali Carting or a customer-owned unit.

These customizable compactor options available to our valued Newark customers ensure that your waste management needs are completely met. Whether you are a resident or business in Newark looking to purchase, rent, or lease a compactor, look no further than Cali Carting as your trusted waste management company.

Call (201) 991-5400 or email for more information about our purchase, lease, and rental programs for compactors in Newark. Cali Carting is the trusted waste compactor rental, lease and sales provider in Northern New Jersey.