a notebook that says back to school and other school supplies on a table

Parents, back to school season is finally here! It’s an exciting time of year, but returning to the classroom could potentially translate to burning a major hole in your pocket. Purchasing new notebooks, pens, book covers, and countless other school supplies can easily add up, and before you know it you’re spending hundreds of dollars on unnecessary items. Shopping for new supplies is very tempting, but think about it – you most likely already have the items you need in your house. Not only will you save money on recycling school supplies, but you will also help the environment, and most importantly – teach your kids the value of recycling through leading by example. It is so crucial to recycle to avoid creating more waste. Before you max out your credit card on highlighters, here are some simple back to school recycling tips to help you for the upcoming school year.

#1. Stop Brown Bagging Lunch

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average child who brings a brown paper bag lunch to school each day produces 67 pounds of waste by the end of the school year – accumulating to 4.6 billion pounds of waste each year in America alone – WOW! This can easily be corrected just by reusing stylish tote bags, coolers, or lunch boxes. Most households have reusable lunch containers already, if not – you can always purchase them at a reasonable price online or in a variety of stores. Stop creating more waste and save the earth one lunch at a time. 

#2. Stop Using Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic water bottles are the absolute worst for the environment. These bottles take up the majority of space in landfills, pollute oceans, and use a tremendous amount of resources to produce. If that is not convincing enough, there are also health risks involved. Plastic bottles contain chemicals that are known to cause dizziness, asthma, and many other health conditions. Reusable water bottles and tumblers are super trendy right now and are available in a variety of styles and customizations. Reusable water bottles are not only popular, but they are also extremely practical. These convenient bottles can keep your child’s beverage cold or hot all day while they are in school. You’ll save a ton of money, remain healthy, and help the earth, just by switching up your water bottle! 

#3. Stop Buying Unneeded New Supplies

Before you get sucked into buying all new supplies for the upcoming school year, review what supplies you have from the years prior! You most likely have loads of pens, pencils, crayons, highlighters, book covers, erasers, etc. Once you take inventory of what supplies you have, your list will likely be cut down to more than halfway completed. You might still have to shop for some items, but if you do have to go back to school shopping, don’t be wasteful. Try to be realistic with your purchases. For instance, is your child actually going to use 20 different colored highlighters? – No! The reality is that parents will overspend on their child especially for their education. Parents, when you overspend, you are actually hurting the environment!  Being realistic about back to school needs will help reduce waste and unnecessary spending. 

Recycling Services with Cali Carting

Send your kids back to school knowing that they helped the environment by recycling. Cali Carting is a family-run full-service solid waste and recycling company established in Kearny, New Jersey. We take great pride in servicing many different communities throughout New Jersey by providing an array of waste management services. At Cali Carting, we believe that all methods of recycling can make a major impact on our world, no matter how big or small. Contact us to learn more about how we can help with all your recycling needs today!